Families anglų rašinys apie šeimas

Families anglų rašinys apie šeimas.

There are three types of families. First one is when couple don't want to have any children. Second type is when people have one child and think that it is enough. And the last one, when parents think that children are the future and more you have, the happier you are. But have anybody ever thought how children feel themselves in big families with lots of brothers and sisters.

Firstly I would like to say that children who grow up in big families learn how to take care of others and share things, they are not egoistic and will always know how to help each other. Furthermore, when person is growing up with older sister or brother he will always be warmed how not to behave in different situations, because he will have a great example near him all the time.

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  • Families anglų rašinys apie šeimas
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