Family and fatum resume

Family and our destiny. What is Your fatum. Family is a system! Family system. What is the most important goal of every family system? What is the most importand thing in surviving? That’s why we. Adaptation efforts. What is the first level of family structure? Your family place (birth sequence). 2. Your sex. Your family place (birth sequence). Your sex. Birth order (sequence) + sex = primary, basic family structural patterns! Other Factors. Who is she? Third doughter or Lady D. ? Family Repetitions. Family repetitions. It is called multigenerational family structural patterns transmission! Family patterns from past generations may be hidden pattern of functioning for next generations. Two family lines (ways) of structural family patterns shaping. „Flow of Anxiety” through family generations. Flow of patterns of behaviour may be on two levels. Vertical line within one person includes. Horizontal line within one person includes. Repeatability + behaviours = patterns of behaviours. Family level vertical line includes. Emotional triangeling. Family Vertical line also includes. Family vertical lines on social-historical level includes. Trauma heritage! Trauma heritage within one family. Horizontal family line includes. Horizontal line is a way (form) of manifesting vertical line. Family stress flow in two ways (vertical and horizontal). Horizontal way is. Young mother + her own mother = conflict! Young mother +. Convergences. Connections between. Transitional moments. Family impas. Family impas goals. Patterns of family relationships. Start to adulthood as an exemple. Show the right way (direction) to adulthood. The right way (direction) to Your adulthood. Family closness. Being in the middle means. What does it mean between parents? Between sometimes means. Relationships tend to be unstable! Coalition is a way to make a family system stable again. Triangles are tend to be. Being too close to each other doesn’t mean too much love. How to recognise marged family. Genogram – analysis tool of family patterns. The best book about genogram, triangles, diads and family patterns. Doing genogram You may use very good Genopro. Remember please about. These are. The film which scenes You have seen is strongly worth to know. The end ?
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