Famous Lithuanian and global brand comparison

Marketingo projektas. Famous Lithuanian and global brand comparison. Brand image. Brand identity. Target audience (consumer profile). Main competitors. Positioning. Positioning. Product/ pricing/ promo/ distribution actions. E – marketing actions. Thank you for your attention!.

Brand image itself represents others view, it symbolizes perception of consumers, signifies what you have got and in this case it is total consumers perception about VZ and FT brands.

VZ brand is well – known in Lithuania as the best business, financial and all other spheres newspaper. It has got positive image among youth, adults and even elderly. This newspaper has its own reader/consumer and as a market representative knows, what exactly to introduce for its reader. Because image is about the consumers opinion, the brand image itself is superficial.

FT brand has older traditions and as a world wide newspaper, it is popular not only in Great Britain and USA, but in the hole world. Consumers trust what it is written in the paper every day, because brand has already earned the recognition and their readers confidence and loyalty. That is the main things, how people understand the image of the brand.

The identity itself describes where the company wants to be, it looks ahead and it is the total promise that a company makes to consumers. VZ and FT are going on that way.

VZ from the very beginning of their work tried to be the best of all newspapers in its’ niche in Lithuania.

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  • Famous Lithuanian and global brand comparison
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