Festivaliai anglų skaidrės

Los festivales Latinoamérica. De. Since every town is associated with a particular saint festivals occur all year long. All Saint’s Day. Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe Before leaving Spain fro the Americas. Examples. Festival of Our. Basilica de la Virgin de Guadalupe. Bolivia The Virgin. Venezuela – Miss Venezuela is held the first week of September. Haiti – harvest. Honduras has some traditional dances done at these types of festivals guancasco and garrobo. Begins with celebrations. Beginning sometime between. Dominicans – Christmas trees are actually branches painted green or white that are decorated. Guatemala – Less important than Semana Santa due to Mayan fertility rites during the spring. Belize – Garifuna perform the John Canoe Dance. Argentina - During. Chile's gift-bringer is called Viejo Pascuero. Candied fruit is. Ecuador - Colorful. Fruit and produce to lay before the image of the Christ Child. Brazil - a mix of people from many parts of the world. Include fresh flowers picked from the garden. Haiti – children. Three Kings Day / Epiphany (January 6) - Traditional time for giving gifts. Honduras – Act. Venezuela - In the Andean region of Táchira. Three Kings Day / Epiphany. New Year’s Day. Haiti – also. Held along the Caribbean Coast it was brought from Nicaragua. Originated in medieval Europe as the final celebration of feasting and merrymaking before Lent. Nicaragua – Festival of Disguises People dress up in elaborate costumes to attend balls. Haiti – Mardi. Belize – Celebrated. Bolivia – Carnaval is celebrated most voraciously in the mining town of Oruro. It is observed for 40 days before Easter Sunday. Begins the week. Palm Sunday –. El Salvador Easter Saturday –People relax. The Easter season begins on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Costa Rica has. Honduras – Lots of acting of different stages of the life of Jesus. Guatemala – mock. Colombia – actors wear turquoise robes and throw stones. Chile – a festival called Domingo de Cuasimodo takes place. Mexicans and Mexican. They play Mexican. Originated in Europe. Guatemala – truly. Mexico – important for the religious and Indians. Shrines. Haiti. Cuba Since the. Chile – rodeos. Independence Day Emancipation Day Constitution. *All photos are of Costa Rica’s Independence Day.
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