Festivals in Great Britain and Lithuania

Easter in lithuania and great britain. 2012 anglu kalbejimas holidays and celebrations.

Festivals in Great Britain and Lithuania.

Europe is a continent with more than forty countries. Each nation has its own traditions, culture, and customs. Majority of them celebrate universal customs like Christmas but then also have their own unique local festivals. We have distinction between countries because we have had the different history and in the course of the time some customs became similar, some different, some festivals are more popular in one country but not in another and some of them became popular only nowadays. It depends not only on history but also on government. For example legislative power decides which festivals would be civic holidays and which would not.

Each country has different numbers of non-working day. Government of Lithuania legislated that if a holiday happened on a weekend then Monday would be a non-working day thus making the holiday a long weekend (Labour code of 20 December 2005, article 161). People say that they have more free days compared with other European countries due to this law. Also according to the Labour code the following days are holidays: January 1 - New Year's Day, February 16 - Day of Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania, March 11 – Day of Re-establishment of Lithuania's Independence, Easter and Easter Monday, May 1 - the International Labour Day, first Sunday in May - Mother's Day, June 23- Day of St John, July 6 - Day of the State (Coronation of King Mindaugas), August 15 - Assumption Day, November 1 - All Saints’ Day, December 25 and 26 - Christmas days.

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  • Festivals in Great Britain and Lithuania
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