Festivals of the year

Easter. Fools, day. Valentine’s day. [vienas lapas tuscias. Atrodo jau buvo toks. The sunday before easter is called palm sunday. On palm sunday it is necessary to rise early and use the prepared juniper branch to strike those still sleeping. If someone strikes you with a verba you must not show anger or complain. You must be happy because this will insure health and youthful look all year. Easter is far less important than christmas to most people in all the world. There are very few customs and habits associated generally with it, other than the consumption of mountains of chocolate easter eggs by children.

Easter morning procession is usually conducted around the church. We always eat Easter breakfast at home. The meal begins with the homemaker pulled a blest Easter egg. Afterward, a variety of other dishes are consumed: meat, sausages, cakes. On Easter we eat more than usually, because we believe that peace and love would always reign within the family and everyone would live in harmony. My grandmother always says that Easter Granny travels around the country, stopping in every child’s home to leave eggs in baskets. When they awake find beautiful decorated Easter eggs. Bad children find only a single plain completely white egg.

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