Film review essay

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Film review essay.

Changes in weather patterns, increase, hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes, tsunami, heat waves, international agreements, “greener” alternatives to daily life

Logging, animal extinction, habitats, animal protection

It’s hard to deny that the world’s climate is changing because of greenhouse gases. Unusual and extreme weather is evidence of climate change. Farmers all over the world have to contend with weather and natural disasters, which are capable of destroying crops and ruining years of hard work. Climate change is real and a real problem for the world.

There are several international agreements to reduce carbon emission. The best known of these is the Kyoto Protocol. We should remember that new agreements may set even more ambitious targets in the future. Government should spend more money on renewable energy technology.

Scientists are inventing greener forms of transport and energy production, and many soon discover ways of removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

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