Filmo aprašymas anglų kalba Groundhog Day

Filmo aprasymas laiske. Groundhog day aprasymas.

Filmo aprašymas Groundhog Day anglų kalba. A film "Groundhog Day".

„Groundhog day“ tells a story about egocentric and arrogant weather-man Phil Connors (Bill Murray) who finds himself living through the same day all over and over again. At first he is confused, but then he takes an advantage of the situation with no fear of consequences: he steals money, seduces women, drives mad, kidnaps the groundhog, and even gets thrown in jail. However, his endeavors to get closer to news producer Rita (Andie Macdowell) - a woman he starts to slowly fall for each day, keeps on failing. Eventually, he gets tired of his odd life, and after a fruitless row of different suicides he commited, he decides to improve himself by learning how to play piano, sculp ice and how to speak French and Italian.

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  • Filmo aprašymas anglų kalba Groundhog Day
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