Financial analysis of wal-mart

Organizational development and strategic management. Organizational development. Strategy analysis. SWOT. Economic and customer insight. Wal-Mart success factors. Competition. Financial statement. Income statement. Statement of Financial Position, Assets. Statement of Cash Flows. Ratios. Conclusions. Literature.

My aim of this course work is to analyze the organizational structure of the Wal-Mart, , to do strategy analysis, show what are mission, vision and objectives of Wal-Mart. Furthermore, i will do SWOT analysis in order to have a broader view about the company’s strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities. To have a deeper insight i will analyze the Wal-Mart company customers, key success factors and competitors. Internal analysis should also be inluded, that will show the history and location of this firm. Furthermore, for analysis of the Wal-Mart financial activities, financial statement shall be estimated and implemented.

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  • Financial analysis of wal-mart
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