Financial analysis Vilniaus Baldai AB

School of Economics and Business. Vilniaus Baldai AB. Sales position in the market Production sales according to the markets in the period of 2013. Sales of the company in the period of January August 2011 – 2015 , in EURO Thousand.

The volumes of the company production:

We can see that the product since 2011 is stable with a considerable change 2013 when the production fell then remain to over 60 224 Thousand EUR in 2014. However if we compare the production with the numbers of sale we figure out that the company had an important Loss of 1000 thousand EUR in 2012 which push the company to reduce number of production to manage the production with in relation to sales. In fact in 2013 even if the production was lower than 2012, the amount of sales exceed the amount of production.

It is clearly seen that most of product are designed to be sold abroad, comparing to the quantity of sales in Lithuania, which mean that the company do not focus only on the local market but it extend their products to the worldwide, which mean that her productivity and efficiency do not depend only Lithuanian purchasing power but of people from all over the world.

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  • Financial analysis Vilniaus Baldai AB
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