Financial Ratios

Finansų skaidrės.

Financial Ratios. Introduction. Home retail group. Home Retail Group. Argos. Homebase. Financial Services. Tesco plc. Tesco bank. Dunnhumby. Gearing (%). Interest Cover (x). Interest Cover. Current Ratio. Payable Turnover. Receivables Turnover. Roce. Profit margin %. Profit Margin. Eps – earning per share. Eps – home retail group. P/e - tesco. P/e – home retail group. P/b – home retail group. P/b tesco. Conclusion.

Use Ratios to compare and analyse Tesco PLC and Home Retail Group These ratios are based on the last available published accounts Data was sourced from FAME, Reuters and the company Annual Reports.

B annual sales as a group 183million customer transaction 1073 stores across the UK.

Offers value, convenience and choice to customers Sells products through 737 stores in the UK, website and mobile Apps Argos website is currently the second most visited site in the UK Check and reserve service is popular with customers 95% of UK population within 10miles radius to an Argos stores.

Leading home enhancement retailer Has a growing range of home improvement products 7.2million card holders 38,000 products across 336 stores.

Offers a range of credit and insurance products Makes it easy for customers to buy products they want when they want 628million credit sales Argos and Homebase Cards offer buy now pay later plans to customers. Offers replacement product care.

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