Finding funds to finance the business

Finding funds to finance a business. Introduction. Proper capital. Funds of short-term financing. Commercial credit. Short-term bank loans. Commercial drafts. Forfeiting. Working Capital Lines of Credit. Factoring. Overdraft. Funds of long–term financing. The loan. Leasing. Investitions from gamble capital funds. National subsidies and special financial funds. Preference credits. Fund of lithuanian environmental investitions. Corporate company. Optimal capital structure. Correlation and regression analysis. Explanation of the use of obtained results. Conclusions. Literature.

Establishment of every firm is related with money. Finding funds of financing the business is essential in obtaining or supplement the long-term and short-term assets, and this asset is needed to produce goods or provide services. Nowadays there are various ways of financing business: personal funds of entrepreneur, bank loans (credits), and preferential credits. Moreover, there are comparatively new ways of financing business such as lease, forfeiting, factoring, overdraft, national subsidies and special financial funds, investments from foreign capital. The firms which are confronted with shortage of money have to step forward capital markets. Usually they have to use services of financial institutions in such case. I will represent, describe main funds used to finance business, list alternatives and compare their costs. Moreover, I will try to represent statistics related with my topic and do the correlation regression analysis in oder to identify the factors affecting the amount or money of loans lent out by banks.

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  • Finding funds to finance the business
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