First cars

Introduction. First cars. Lithuania's approach to tranpsorto measures. Istorija.

The topic of my invidual project is first cars. I dividem my work into severals subtopics first cars, Lithuanias approach to transport measures, hot rod and custom cars and history. The aims of the project is to analyze first cars models and introduce first creators. I chose this topic because it apeared interesting and I wanted to deepen knowledge about old cars.

K. Benz, created a single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine design, continue to think of a motor vehicle. That does not take, acting ATV crew steering mechanism of the problem, your first car he did tricycle with a specially designed chassis harmoniously connected to the engine.Daimler and Maybach the most important task was to prove their universal motor function. They in turn applied the engine motor boats, trams, the first motorcycle and, finally, Daimler's wife bought the horse for easy gravitate wheelchair.

These improvised structures success encouraged them to follow the example of Benzo setting up a special chassis, transmission, body structures. Technical progress in the area – the engine power increase of two or more cylinders of the engine, the steering mechanism of several types of creation associated with Benz, Daimler and Maybach name.

Classic car design – with an engine in the front and rear-wheel drive - the creation of an honor falls to the French Rene Panhard Emilio Levassorui. By the way, the French first assessment of innovation in Germany. Seeing the Daimler car, soon appeared in his followers – Armanas Peugeot Emile Levassoras, Rene Panhard.

1891 shows a car with Daimler engine in the front and rear-wheel drive – the famous "Panhard-Levassor 4CV, the construction of such a success, that without major changes to the car produced by 1896, and the firm Panhard-Levassor" become a world leader.

And only after that Daimler and Benz is also creating a classic arrangement cars.German and French designers work "pulling" of engineering thought ahead and in other countries. In 1891 his car which Swiss brothers Hanriot and 1893 – American Charles Diurea. Englishman F.Lanchesteris his car developed a 1895 and 1896 all Russian industrial exhibition was on display at the first Russian car, created by Yakovlev and grinders.Turn of the century, in 1900, W.Maybachas Emilio Ellineko encouraged, along with Paul Daimler (Gotlieb Daimler's son) is building the first classical type of car, called Ellineko daughter Mercedes name, which was a new step in the development of the car. At that time, the world had already 300 automotive companies.

French carmaker Panhard-Levassor, then Leader for development of the car, it is not surprising that in 1896 Lithuania appeared the first car was known to us in this particular French brand. The interesting thing is that the car did not belong to any technical innovation rich lover, but was Czarist Russian Ministry of Transport of the second multi-distance, served by highway Riga-Šiauliai-Tauragė property.

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