For and against composition

For and against composition Introduction. Is it really as beneficial as it seems to be ? Main body. Naudojami žodžiai. Topic sentence. Linkin words. To list advantages. To list disadvantgaes. To introduce examples.

A topic sentence. Summarizing what the paragraph is going to be about the arguments for (advantages) the topic + justification and examples.

A topic sentence summarizing what the paragraph is going to be about the arguments against (disadvantages) the topic + justification and examples.

(daugiskaita) people, a men, humanity, folk (people in general), society,humans, persons...

Topic sentenceOn the one hand, the benefits of computers cannot be denied.

Linkin wordsTo begin with; In addition; As a result; Finally; For instance;

To list advantagesOne point of view in favour of using computer..The main/most important advantage of...An additional benefit of...It is often argued/believed that...

To list disadvantgaesOn the other hand/ However, there are also disadvantages in favour of using ... First of all,The main/most important disadvantage/drawback of.

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  • For and against composition
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