Foreign languages

What foreign language is the most popular among secondary school students? Why? Have you studied english at school? If yes,was it your first, second or third language? How good are you at english and at other studied language? If not what was your first ,second and third language? How good are you at them? Why are german and french less popular than Russian?

In my opinion in among secondary school most foreign language – English. Because almost young people want to know much about this language, to communicate and underestand another country people, to play games and something else. I think then you can talk in English, you have very big plus, because English language is one of most popular language in the world, about 508 million people talk this language, so its easy to communicate. I‘m learning English language since the second class and its was my first foreign language, Im learning Russian language too. Im not very good at English and Russian languages, because its difficult for me, possibly I’m not much spending time to studying it.

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