Formal letter rules

Formal letter. Never write your name at the top of the letter in the heading. Some rules of writing letters. Writer's address. You may be. Applications. Vytauto St. Useful language. Making a complaint  I am writing to complain about. You are studying at Thames College in Britain. Transactional letter. Dear Mrs Jones. Sample letter. A few useful phrases for a formal letter.

 1.Never write your name at the top of the letter in the heading. 2.The date is written in full: 4th March 1998 or June 2nd 1998. 3.The name of the country may be left out only if you are writing to someone in the same country. 4.Your letter must appear in the middle of the page, not on one side. 5.The salutation “Dear ... “ should be written against the left hand margin (paraštė) 6.Start the body of the letter directly next to the margin and then after each paragraph you omit (praleisti) one line. 7.The subscription is begun with the word “Yours” 8.The signature should come underneath the subscription.

You may be asked to write an application, which could be for a job, scholarship, etc. Here are some useful expressions to use when writing an application:.

4 Vytauto St. Vilnius 2000 Lithuania   24 February 2008 Head of Recruitment Lloyds Bank 34 Bayswater Road London W2 3SP United Kingdom   Dear Mr Smith   I would like to apply for the post in the administration of the banking unit advertised in today’s Lietuvos Rytas.   As you can see from the enclosed curriculum vitae, I have a university degree in economics and a year’s experience working in a banking sector.

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