Formal letters

Formal letters. Agenda. What it is? The form of formal letter. The types of formal letters. Asking information. Letter of aplication (CV). Letter of complaint. Acceptance letter. Conclusions. List of literature.

Formal letters – are letters which are wrote for people who you do not know or know a little. These letters have their own form of letter. In these letters dominate polite and bussiness language.

First of all, there have to be a greeting. (Dear Sir/Madam – when we do not know the name, Dear Mr/Mrs Brown – when we know the name). Opening phrases – very important to start letter with them. It is like – I am writing in connection with..., I am writing to ask you..., I am writing with regard to... and etc. In the main body we have to explain all things what we want. In this part have to be clear statements, not long stories. Before finished letter, it is important to write closing phrase, which shows that you are polite. Endings – like greetings. When we do not know the name – Yours faithfully, when know – Yours sincerely.

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