Formalūs laiškai anglų kalba. Types of formal letters

Formalus laiskas anglu kalba. Oficialus laiskas anglu kalba pavyzdys. Formalus rasinys. Anglu formal letter. Formalus anglu rasinys. Formalus laiskas anglu kalba pavyzdys. Oficialus laiskas angliskai pavyzdys. Formalus laiskas anglu kalba darbo. Anglu oficialus rasinys. Formal letter rašinys.

Visi formalių laiškų tipai. Darbas anglų kalba. Įvadas. Types of formal letters. Letters about jobs. Inquiry letter. This is an example of inquiry letter. My letter. Letters to other organizations. Asking information letter. Example. My letter. Giving information letter. Example of letter of giving information. My letter. Letter of complaint. Example of letter of complaint. My letter. Letter of request. Example of letter of request. My letter. Literatūra.

I am writing with a regard to your advertisement in the internet. I apply for the position of sales assistant.

I am twenty-one years old student at Vilnius Co-operative College. Before two years I finished Griškabūdis Secondary School. I believe that I am suitable for the job for a number of reasons. Firstly, I take Advanced Level examinations and pass English’s, German’s, History’s and Math’s examinations. I can speak fluent English. Secondly, I am reliable and responsible person. My former employer always rely on me.

In addition, I have basic knowledge of PC. I have a very good pleasant personality. I socialize freely with people.

Thank you for your help. I look answer to hearing from you.

It is a letter where we have to write complaint or protest.

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  • Formalūs laiškai anglų kalba. Types of formal letters
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