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Introduction. Begin. Return of racing. The garagistes. Big business (i). Big business (ii). Big business (iii). Manufacturers' return. Qualifying. The race (i). The race (ii). Race director. Safety car. Constructors. Circuits. Cars and technology (i). Cars and technology (ii). Conclusions. Resources. Further reading. Enclosure(s).

My project aim to introduce the history of Formula 1, to tell how this sport had evolved, to introduce the technical sides and reveal what this sport so special that year by year it is not spared millions of dollars year by year it is more and more people are interested in. For this reason I chose this topic in my opinion such an infinite sacrifice and considerable investment for each scene can envy sport

With this practical work I have learned a lot about these wonderful race . Deep story reveals just how much work is needed to create a sport that people become like a second religion. Great charm and presents it as a rapidly evolving technology , and it is hard to imagine how one formula will evolve in the future.

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