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Work done by. Officeday. Officeday represents the largest office supplies chain on the Baltic markets. About company. Officeday group was. Company history. Officeday General Manager is Tomas Mačernis. Officeday in Lithuania. Company is example of successful business and franchise activities. In my opinion. The largest international. High rating. Thank you for attention.

Officeday group was established in 1999 by the merger of the companys in the Baltic States. In 2008, the company has become the largest office products supply network Officeday in the Baltic countries and Finland. The company introduced a new brand - Officeday. Now Officeday is one of the biggest company in the Baltic States. In 2012 sales turnover accounted 21 million euros.

The largest international stationery magazine OPI (Office Products International) included Officeday in the 2013 world 100 most influential office supplies, wholesale and retail trade list.

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