Free time activities Music

Today my topic is free time activities. Music.

There are many ways to listen music: you can play CDs, listen to radio on a receiver or via the Internet; you can go to live concerts and, of course, you can listen on an iPod or an mp3 player. From the chart on the paper I can see that 47% of the asked teenagers prefer listening to music on mp3 players. The least amount of teenagers listen to music on radio. Personally, I seldom listen to the radio, but talking about the way I prefer listening to music the most, I’d probably say live concerts, but a chance to go to a live concert occurs really rarely to me. So, I am of the same opinion as the most teenagers, so I’d belong to the group of iPod and mp3 listeners.

Talking about what kind of music I listen to, I’d say that I do not care about style of music, if a song is good and have some interesting beats or meaningful lyrics I would be able to listen this song again and again, but I can say that acoustic songs are my favourite ones, because this style is relaxing and sometimes makes me forget about all the problems I have.

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