French law

Code Napoleon. German Civil Code. The world of codes. French Civil Code. Code Napoleon and Roman law. Before the revolution in XVIII century, France was a leading country in Europe in almost all aspects – culture, art, manners and so on. After the revolution in France and other following revolutions in other European countries, France started to loose their position as a leading country. But situation was saved by solving one of the problems that was important to all nations – publishing Code Napoleon ,that was the first and only in that times, modern code of laws. It was easily understood, because of the manner of writing and French language. By the end of nineteenth century lots of countries, such as Germany, Italy, Belgium, Egypt were newly created or reborn and the major part of them, including Lithuania, accepted the French code and gave the monopoly in law export trade into the hands of France. Only in 1896 the German Civil Code was created and started the struggle with Code Napoleon. In the beginning of the XX century German Civil Code already had his place among the major ant most popular codes of law.
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  • French law
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