Friends anglų rašinys apie draugus

Writing about friends.

Lina and Aistė have been inseparable friends since their childhood, and yet they are quite different. Aside from their same age, same living place, and same school, they seem to have nothing in common. Even so they are best friends, and I think their friendship will last a lifetime.

Talking about appearance, Lina is tall, skinny and perfect build. The most attractive trait in her appearance is her hair. They are up to shoulders, thick, and dyed bright highlights. In school she has a habit of wearing them in ponytail, whereas not in school she always wears it released. Although most of friends think, that her hair is charming, on the other hand she more proud of her unconventional face features especially her eyes.

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  • Friends anglų rašinys apie draugus
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