Fruits are the best medicine

Anglų skaidrės. Anglų skaidrės apie vaisius. Fruits are the best medicine. Fruits and medicine. Fruits is a. Fruit diet. These diet is the best to follow for each season. Per day you. Lots of fruits. For example. Quinces. Quinces help then you have this problems anemia. Apples. Apples are used. Oranges. Oranges used If. So now I can say that fruits are very good to people. Thank you for attention.

Fruits is a great help in medicine. They are irreplaceable thing for diets, the injured or the existence of other diseases.

Per day you should eat one or one and a half pound of fresh fruit. Especially recommended for the fruit mixture: 400 g apples, 700 grams and 400 grams of pears, bananas. Digestion and improve metabolism especially for pineapple, papaya fruit and bananas.

Lots of fruits helps when we have small nicks or more severe internal organ problems.

Quinces help then you have this problems: anemia, cardiac, respiratory and intestinal diseases, stomach and ulcer disease, tuberculosis, asthma.

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  • Fruits are the best medicine
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