Game consoles market analysis

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In modern society technologies (computers, mp3 players, portable DVD players, game consoles, mobile phones and etc.) became an integral part of the life. More and more people spend their free time with modern technologies and new inventions. People started to spend their evenings playing computer games after 1972 when the first console was released. A videogame console is an interactive entertainment system which produces a video signal that can be displayed on a television. The videogame is played via a controller allowing different interactions depending on the game (Forster 2005). It took a few decades while consoles appeared in plenty of houses. When we hear someone talking about “Call of Duty” or “Half Life” we can easily predict that he is talking about video games and new generation games consoles like XBOX360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii. In this report I will identify current and foreseeable market trends and developments, explain buyers’ behaviour, suggest how the trends, developments and buyers behaviour can be used to segment the market and I will observe, describe and explain the marketing mix used by the market leader.

Customers in every market choose what they want. They try to satisfy their need, to get what they need or what they want. All people have their own needs and goods or items which are not suitable for one person could be the perfect thing for another. The same is with game consoles. Every manufacturer has its own niche market because one consumer prefers technological progress, another opportunity to spend time playing games with family or to play games online and download expansion packs from the Internet. All these needs could be satisfied but it is a pity that it could not be done by one game console. The thing is that there is no one dominant console in the market that is good for consumers because the manufacturer tries to sell as much as possible and reduce the price until almost the production fund. So customers have the opportunity to choose what they want because the entire console price is quite low and almost similar. So price value here is not the main reason people choose one or another console. I can distribute players as professional and amateur. A professional player is the player who plays games with aspirations to reach 100% of completion and try to collect all secrets and other stuff even some players earn money just from playing games. Nowadays the world has a lot of various tournaments where gamers could win thousands of pounds. The other species of gamers are amateurs. They play games occasionally and just for fun. Usually they do that with friends, family or just in great company. All major consoles have their own segment of consumers.

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