Geography and countries

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The united states of america. Great britan. Sports in great britan. The educational system of great britain. British education. Education in russia. My favorite painter. My future profession. Mass media. Leasure time. The newspapers and its reader. Radio and television. The problems of teen ages. Problems of unemployment of young people. The use of computers. Computers in medicine. Computers that can be learn. Computers at the school. Christopher Columbus. Learning languages. Theatres , music halls and cinemas. British theatres. The national theatre. Moscow theatres. My visit to the theatre. Art in my life. Art in moscow. The State Tretyakov gallery. The State Pushkin Museum of Fine Art. Art gallereys of london. National gallery. National portrait gallery. Outstanding British artists. The renaissanse. Thomas More. The rrnaissanse in england. The prides of Shakespeare. Life of Shakespeare. Shakespeare's works. Hamlet's soliloquy. The Enlightenment. Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe. Jonathan Swift 1667. Gulliver's Travels. Robert Burns. London , jack 1876 1916. Fedor dostoevsky 1821 1881. Customs and traditions of English speaking countries.

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  • Geography and countries
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