Germany from business perspective

Country title x. Introduction. Specifics (planning). Specifics (rules and orders). Specifics (inflexibility). Specifics (no nuclear power and renewable energy). Specifics (punctuality). Gifts giving. Business dress code. Importance of business meeting. Negotiation process. Business meals. They say no to. Thank you for your attention.

Business manners and methods; Differences in business styles; Attitudes towards the development of business relationships; Attitudes toward punctuality; Gift-giving custom; Business Dress code;.

Business rules results in a low degree of flexibility; Strict control at job;.

Extremely serious attention to environmental issues; Phasing out nuclear power; Promoting renewable energy;.

Pioneer in reducing greenhouse gas emissions; Business in alternative fuel source sphere;.

They are extremely punctual; Warn about delay;.

Follow a formal procedure; Aim for outcomes and results;.

In formal business meetings highest-ranking person enters the room first; Everyone has their status; They use a lot of facts and examples;.

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  • Germany from business perspective
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