Global issues

Environmental problems in the world skaidres. Global issues rasinys. Global issues problems rasinys. Global issues skaidres.

Nowadays we face many problems, which connect not just communities but the whole world. They are important, dangerous and it requires us to make a solution immediately. Therefore i have separated, in my opinion, the most relevant issues, which i am going to talk about.

The first is animals’ extinction. The main fundamental cause of animal extinction in most recent times has been, without any reasonable doubt, human demand for animal resources directly, or for the natural resources, what affects the animals’ habitats. For example tropical forests are being cleared for wood, mineral and other recources. Because of that, many animals lose their home, it is more difficult for them to find food and eventually they die. What is more, there are other indirect causes which are initiated by human activities too. It is climate changing, poaching illegaly, air and natures‘ pollution, other reasons such as too small fishing nets in which sea turtles are being caught up really often.

The second issue is global warming. This process happens when harmful gasses trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere, what increases the temperature. There are many reasons, which cause this problem, but probably the most important is fossil fuels.

To sum up, I could say that all these problems are caused by human activities and they can be stopped only by our own initiative.

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