Global warming esė

Global warming esė.

Today, I want to talk about global warming. What causes and effects it. Also about some activities that could solve this problem. Our Earth climate is chaning very fast. Earth atmosphere and oceans water temperature is rising. Also weather patterns are changing and ice caps are melting. I agree with these ideas raised in this text because these problems really happening in our planet. Global warming is damaging our planet but is not to late to change something and slow it down.

For millions of years our planet temperature was rising constantly, but in twenty-first century temperature raised extremely high and fast. People are blaming themselves for this problem.

First off all, I want to say what are the causes of global warming. One of the most important reason is increased sun activity. Sun activity in tweny-first century is really high. The highest over several thounsands of years.

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  • Global warming esė
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