Globalization and global trend

International Strategic marketing. Contents International Strategic marketing. Contents Lecture. Global economic trends. Globalization. Causes of globalisation. Bases of international trade and marketing (Group work). Potential benefits. Imports and exports. Imports. Imports and exports. Exports. Increasing productivity and efficiency. Discussion / Exercise. International trade theories. The concept of absolute advantage. Comparative advantage. The factor proportion theory. The product-life-cycle theory. Free trade. Protectionism. Protectionist measures. Protecting the economy. Tariff measures. Import duties. What is the CN code? Preferential tariff measures. Types of preferential tariff measure. Subsidies and direct payments. Tariff preferences. Special purposes. Quotas or ceilings. Anti-dumping duty. Non-tariff measures. Internationalisation. Internationalisation is a strategic option. Internationalisation. Pitfalls in international business. International strategic management. Discussion / Exercise. Before going abroad. What to ask yourself?
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  • Globalization and global trend
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