Golf Tourism in Lithuania

Golf Tourism in Lithuania. Golf tourism. Golf tourism in Lithuania. Golf resorts in Lithuania. European center golf club. National golf resort. Accomodation. Golf benefit to Lithuanian country. Thank you for your attention!

Research:In 2013 average golf clubs were over 160 playing members in one club.Comparing with 2012 it was 50 % growing. Also in 2013 foreign people were playing more often than in Estonia or Latvia. Over the year, 680 people from other countries are coming to Lithuania to play golf. According to KPMG (International audit and taxes consultation network), new golf players are being attracted through friends recommendations.

Amber Golf Club (Klaipėda) Capitals Golf Club (Pipiriskiai village,Elektrenai) European Center Golf Club (Girijos Village, Vilnius District) National Golf Resort; (Kretingalė) The V Golf Club (Vilnius highway) Golf club „Elnias“ (Kaunas).

National Golf Resort club house has 3 special hotel type rooms and nearby club house 4 apartment type rooms in villa.

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  • Golf Tourism in Lithuania
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