Goverment of USA

Federal goverment of united states. Presentation made by. Martynas Cijunčikas. Content. History. Legislative branch. Executive branch. Judicial branch. Formed in 1789, making the United States worlds first modern constitutional republic. The goverment has three main branches. Three Branches of Government. US Congress is the part of legislative branch of federal goverment. Congress. Powers of Congress To coin money and regulate its value. Raise and support armies Provide and maintain a navy. House of Representatives. Consists of. Senate. Senate is made up of two senators from each state. President. Current president is Barack Obama. The executive branch. Vice President. The Vice President is the second-highest executive official in rank of the government. The Judiciary explains and applies the laws. A supreme court is the highest federal court in the United States. Supreme court. Thank you for watching.
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