Graikijos Konstitucinė teisė – Parlamento išardymas

Graikijos Konstitucinė teisė – Parlamento išardymas.

Greece has one of the greatest experiences in parliamentary democracy. This experience had influence for country constitutionality and political changes. We have to agree that Greece political life was not stable from time to time. All of Greece Constitutions solidified parliamentary democracy. The only exceptions were 1968 and 1973 Constitutions which adopted military dictatorship. The bad thing about not stable Greece political situation was that in reality a lot of times authority ignored Constitution. Reality and written constitutional discrepancy existed most of political time up to 1975. Big influence came from Western countries that helped Greece to get their independence back. Greece Constitutional structure was created by some Western countries constitutional model and because of this it is the reason why Greece is so different compared to Balkan countries and is strong legal country. There is many opinions how many actual Greek Constitutions was adopted cause in the history there was times when they edited previous constitution. The first independent Greece Constitution was adopted at 1844. Next important dates for Greece and their constitutional history were 1864; 1911; 1927; 1952; 1975. At 1 February 1822 National Assembly accepted temporary democratic Greece Constitution and it was written by 1791 France Constitution model. This constitution named Greece as Greece Republic it consolidated human rights, representative democracy separation of powers in authority sector, courts independence. Until 1844 there were few temporary constitutions and from 1833 up to 1844 Greece was absolute monarchy. 1844 Constitution was written using 1830 France constitution and 1831 Belgium constitution.

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