Graikų ir romėnų interjero dizainas

Here is a picture of all three orders. Greek house. Roman ( insulae house. Classic style with touch of historic Greek orders and colours. Most amazing interior I have ever seen. Very nice floor samples in both photos.

No matter where you are in the world today, chances are you have come across a piece of Greek or Roman inspired architecture. Building houses have always borrowed ideas from some of Greece or Rome most famous landmarks throughout history. Doing a research about Greece and Rome I have really enjoyed. They had such a great architecture taste and have used mainly everything they were able to find in Mother Nature.

The materials mostly used by Greeks when it comes to constructing their structures primarily consisted of wood, unbaked bricks, lime stone and marble. Today, these supplies are still used by contractors who build edifices, whether they are structures signifying religion, politics o recreation. Here are few samples I have found on my way to work.

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  • Graikų ir romėnų interjero dizainas
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