Greece. Project made by Vardenis Pavardenis. ‘Šaltinis‘ progymnasium. Greece location. Greece is located in the Southeast end of Europe. National country symbols. The National Flag of Greece consists of four white and five blue horizontal stripes. National Greek animal—. Population of Greece. Greece's population is. Language of Greece. Indo-European language spoken primarily in Greece. Most famous Greek buildings.  Parthenon  it is a former temple on the Athenian Acropolis in Greece. Famous Greeks. Prince Philip (British. Sources of information.

National Greek animal— Dolphin Bird— Phoenix Flower— Violet Motto— „Freedom or Death“ National Anthem— The Greek Anthem (Ode to Freedom) Tree— Olive tree.

Greece's population is around 10.8 million people. For now, population of Greece is decreasing.

Prince Philip (British monarch; Elizabeth’s II husband) Jenifer Aniston (actor) Betty White (actor) Tommy Lee (musician).

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