Green ICT report

Contents Page. Terms of reference. FINDINGS The environment and the need for sustainability. Green business practices. Greener ict. Computer systems. Traveling to work. Communication technology. Customer demand for environment – friendly products. The greening of business.

The report has to be submitted by 09th January 2013.

One of the main causes of climate change – atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases. The main greenhouse gases are: carbon dioxide (CO2) – accounting for 76% of all greenhouse gases. The second most important element, which results in enhanced greenhouse effect of methane (CH4), followed by nitrogen dioxide (N2O) – accounting for 6%, and Fluorinated Gas (5%), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), used, for example, electronics industry. (International Journal of e-business and e-government studies: 2011) Every person and organization should take steps to improve energy management and reductions in greenhouse gases. It companies also contribute to the energy dissipation of reduction for enterprises by providing computers, printers and etc. which are designed to reduce pollution. The organization to contribute to saving energy by switching off computers over the night, instead of printing the lots of document, it may slope to save in computer memory or if require used the duplex printing, use the E – Training and E – Learning for reducing the need for paper and in turn the requirement for employees or trainers to travel to or from the training centers. These small steps can contribute to environmental sustainability. (Green-business-practices: Melvin Pereira).

This new innovation may change the staff habits to shutting down their computers out of working hours and turning their monitors off. Staff could be asked to use the sleeping button to save power before leaving their computers for long meetings. Applications can be left running and documents left open, so work can continue as soon as the computer is re-awakened.

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