Haid park

Haid park. 1536m. King Henry VIII took Hyde Park from the monks of Westminster Abbey. Hyde Park you can see the Princess Diana memorial fountain. The south side. Hyde Park you can find some famous arches. Questions. When opened in Hyde Park? 2. Which king conquered Hyde Park.

1637 opened in Hyde Park on a daily basis not only attracts many local British, but also tired of tourists. This is one of the largest royal park capital of England. Hyde Park covers more than 142 hectares of land. A variety of events and concerts, as well as an annual Christmas Fair. It is a popular spot for swimmers, rowers, runners, or even horseback riding. Hyde Park and its famous corner speakers (Speakers Corner), where the speakers are free to express their opinion on any topic, as long as their is not disciplined by the police.

Hyde Park you can see the Princess Diana memorial fountain. In 2004. Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated the modern work, more reminiscent of the artificially created by a stream or fountain. Circular structure consists of 545 Cornish granite slabs. Two streams of water fountains set on the sides of the pool at the bottom.

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