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Introduction. Idea for our Business. Target Market. Detailed proposal of our business. Rationale. Legal Basis. Competitor Analysis. Position in the Market Place. Financials and Banking. Staff and Wages. Staff Illness. Other Expenses. Directors and Company Finance. Banking. Website, Marketing and Advertising. Our Retail Plan. Diagram of Layout. Service Blueprint. Financial Statements. Trial Balance. Budgeted Income Statement. Financial Position Statement. Cashflow Statement. Trade Fair. Planning Document. Group Reflection. Overview. Conclusion. Referencing. Appendix. Appendix 1 – Peer Assessment. Criteria. Contribution to the task. Attendance to all group meetings and pod sessions. Enthusiasm. Quality of work. Quantity of work. Appendix 2 – Gantt chart. Original Gantt Chart. Proper Gantt Chart. Appendix 3 - Leaflet.

Hairvolution LTD will be trading as a retail store offering hair extensions, hair products, beauty and cosmetics to students within Luton and the general public. Our retail store will be divided into two sections, the store front where all products will be sold and the second room at the back which will be used as a men’s barber shop. We believe that our retail store will attract a variety of customers with the main target market being students and we want to ensure that we have products that will appeal to both male and female customers. Various discounts will be given in store to promote the men’s barber shop. These will range from money off coupons to discounted student days.

Primarily we will be targeting the student market within Luton. Looking at the range of products we will be selling it is evident that the retail store will attract anyone who needs products for their hair and body. Men who are looking to get a haircut will also be able to get this done in our store. We believe we have a huge market that will benefit greatly from our products and services.

Students disposable income is low therefore we will keep our prices competitive. We anticipate a high frequency in repeat purchases as we are selling products that are used on a daily basis, and will need to be replaced regularly such as shampoo, cream and beauty cosmetics.

Our shop will be offering hair and beauty products to student market as well as to the whole of Luton as the products we want to sell are fast moving and continually sought after. Our product range will include hair relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, body cream and lotion, hair extensions, wigs, pony tails and various electrical products such as hair clippers and blow dryers.

As we have found a large store that is divided into two sections, we decided to include a barber in our shop. The barber will be positioned at the back of the store and operate from there. We will promote the barber services through leaflets and, vouchers for purchases made in the store. We will employ an experienced barber who will be paid his basic wage plus a share of the profits that the barber shop makes.

The company will trade as limited company with 5 directors. Each director will have an equal share of the company in this case 20% ownership of the company. We chose to trade as a limited company as it restricts the liability we have for the company if it was to go bankrupt in the future, meaning that we will only lose money already invested oppose to all our personal assets aswell.

There is one main competitor who sells the same products that we want to sell. Instead of selling all their products in one shop, they have divided the different products and now have a separate store that sells wigs and hair extensions, then another that sells hair products, and a third that sells body creams, lotions, accessories and electrical goods. So we will be competing against one competitor with three shops in the same location. We believe that by combining all our products in one shop, plus the inclusion of the men’s barber shop will make our store attractive as a one stop beauty shop. The services and products being based in the same place we believe will make it more convenient for people when it comes to shopping.

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