Having litas and euro

Having litas and euro lecture. Prapraitė Grade. Litas and euro. Similar to Latvia and its lats. (. ( nuotraukos pirmieji Lietuvos pinigai. Santykis gražiame paveikslelyje. Litas uzbrauktas ir euras padarytas. Senos serijos 5eurų pinigėlis. Naujos serijos 5e. (. ( koks nors paveikslelis su euro isiliejimu ar laimingais žmonėmis.

Today im going to speak about litas and euro. Firstly im going to speak about litas, secondaly I will speak about euro and finally I will say something interesting about euro security features.

The litas first introduced was in 1922 after the First World War . The name was modeled after the name of the country (similar to Latvia and its lats). Everyone was happy that Lithuanians have their authentic money. In the face of world wide economic depression, the litas appeared to be quite a strong and stable currency, reflecting the negligible influence of the depression on the Lithuanian economy. Litas was until 1940, when Lithuania was annexed by Germany after Germany Russian. The litas became Lithuania’s currency one more time in 1993. When Lithuania declared independence at 1991. At a period of currency exchange from rublis to litas prevailed temporary talons.(nuotraukos: pirmieji lietuvos pinigai)

Now about our money with important people to Lithuania. At this slide we see TEN LITAS: these two mens are at 10 litas because they are firstly Lithuanians who crossing Atlantic ocean.

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