Hazard and bacteria

Cook safe. Why cook safe? The main point of haccp. How can cook safe help? The goals of cook safe. Food safety. What is food safety? Goals. Contents. Hazards and bacteria. What is a hazard. Microbiological hazards. Microbiological hazards (cont). Salmonella. Salmonellosis can be life-threatening especially for infants and young children. Salmonellosis reported cases in eastern Europe (1969 – 2005). Escherichia Coli. Microbiological hazards (cont). Chemical hazards (cont). Physical hazards. Physical hazards (cont).

Identifies potential problems Ensures controls are in place to eliminate or limit problems Helps increase staff knowledge and can be used for staff training Promotes good practice Helps your business tailor its resources and budget Allows you to provide a quality service Gives you peace of mind Helps prevent wastage and spoilage Improves business efficiency.

To strengthen and stabilize the food safety knowledge required to develop a food safety management system. To provide understanding of a food safety management system. To give you sufficient knowledge to start building your own system. To take you through the set-up for your own customized Cook Safe (HACCP-based) system. To help you understand and review your existing system. To provide the tools and templates for monitoring and recording.

Food safety is a methodic discipline which describes the proper handling, preparation, and storage of food so as to prevent Food borne illness. Nowadays, the importance of good food safety practice which leads to the handling and preparation of food in a safe, clean environment is essential and necessary for the food industry.

Understand the importance of food safety. Know what makes food unsafe. Understand the consequences of unsafe food. Identify actions to ensure good hygiene practices.

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  • Hazard and bacteria
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