Helovynas Halloween

Halloween. Created by Sandra Kazakevičiūtė. Halloween - a holiday, which takes place on October. The origin of this festival? Halloween has its. Costumes. Tradition change into various costumes appeared in Ireland or Scotland around the nineteenth century. Food. Prevalent during the Halloween caramel apples. Helovino metu paplitę karameliniai obuoliai. Game. Svajonių būrimas ** Keli žmonės susėda ratu ir iškelia ranką sau prieš veidą. Ačiū?

Prevalent during the Halloween caramel apples. These are apples on sticks, soak in a solution of sugar or caramel. Traditionally, it was customary to give kids walking around the house, like when Lithuania was divided during the Mardi Gras pancakes. However, this custom is rapidly disappearing, parents of children without spending on common myths about handing out poisoned apples cluttered with pins. Although the poison is actually occurring in virtually all such cases, were themselves guilty of poisoning of children by parents. Ireland survived to the present day custom of baking a special cake with raisins - barmbraka (Irish Breac Bair). Before baking the dough is placed a coin or ring. According to tradition, who find their piece of the pie to put the ring in the next year, thereby find their true love. Important Halloween food, especially the United States, is a gourd. And dishes of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin-shaped candy or other food. Usually kids who came persirengusiems is distributed candy.

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