History of clocks

Clocks are instruments that measure and show time. Origins of "clock". Minute hand. Pendulum. Wrist watch. Quartz clock. Self-winding watch. Alarm clocks. Standard time. When was invented the minute hand? Who first started wearing a watch on the wrist? Who invented pendulum? Where was invented the wirst watch? What did swiss john harwood invented ?

The word 'clock' comes from the French word cloche meaning bell. The Latin for bell is glocio, the Saxon is clugga and the German is glocke. In 1577, Jost Burgi invented the minute hand. Burgi's invention was part of a clock made for Tycho Brahe, an astronomer who needed an accurate clock for his stargazing. In 1656, the pendulum  was invented by Christian Huygens, making clocks more accurate.

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  • History of clocks
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