History of pharmacy

History of pharmacy. Before the dawn of history. Pharmacy in ancient babylonia. Pharmacy in ancient china. Days of the papyrus ebers. Theophrastus - father of botany. The royal toxicologist - mithridates terra sigillata - an early "trademarked" drug. Dioscorides - a scientist looks at drugs. Galen - experimenter in drug compounding. Monastic pharmacy. The first apothecary shops. Avicenna - the "persian galen". Separation of pharmacy and medicine. The first official pharmacopoeia. The society of apothecaries of london. Scheele - greatest of the pharmacists-chemists. Sertürner - first of the alkaloid chemists. Caventou, pelletier and quinine. Stanislas limousin - pharmacal inventor. The era of biologicals. The development of chemotherapy. Pharmaceutical research. Pharmaceutical manufacturing comes of age. Pharmacy today and tomorrow.
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  • History of pharmacy
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