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Globalisation has provided many opportunities for international trade, while managers encounter new and complex challenges of analysing consumers‘ cultural features what emphasizes international market. Knowledge of cultural values or dimensions determined by Hofstede and the Globe team can help managers to approach deeper understanding to what extent management practices are related to culture-focused issues as well as to investigate cultural background of companies, customers from other regions.

Most common frameworks created by Globe team and Hofstede has been criticed due to several reasons as invalidity, reliability, data accuracy. However, there are academic research and empirical cases confirming the advantages of mentioned cross-cultural research methods. From the broader perspective, it is an emerged ability to examine culture related issues in either international or local business, being under the influence of external cultural forces, cases, which were not raised before, and, from the narrow perspective, to combine even two research methods in one study in order to reveal as accurate data as possible. Alizee airline‘s as well as other studies show that not all advantages of mentioned research are applied. Noticeably, some empirical cases specify limitations as well as disadvantages of analysed cultural model and project. The main question of this paper is to find out whether Globe and Hofstede model of analysing cultural side of international business are considered as unreliable, non-valid and irrelevant or the opposite is considered in the majority of situations?

Focusing on the disadvantages of the research based on the examination of the impact of cultural dimensions on managerial choice or economic performance, Franke and Richey (referred to from Tung and Verbeke 2010) expressed their critique towards this issue. Based on their point of view, it should be forbidden and higly critisized when scholars, researchers provide generalized conclusions in international business based on the results obtained from studies of less than 7-10 countries. Scholars noticed that around 53% of empirical studies published between 2006 and 2009 in JIBS, AMJ, SMJ, MIR and JWB focused on multi-country comparisons of less than 10 countries. Thus, the drawback of this kind of research is reflected in unreliability of generalized conclusions in the field of international business. Mentioned point refers to both Globe project as well as Hofstede model based research.

There is quite important cross-national dimension which can influence the results as well as reliability of them implementing any including Globe based cultural research and it is intranational diversity.

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