Holidays and tourism

Tourism in lithuania monologas. Monologue about tourism. Tourism in lithuania referat. Anglų laiškas a place of holidays. Lithuania is a suitable place for holidaymakers from abroad?. Activity holiday advantages rašinys. Rasinelis what is a good holiday. Interesting places in lithuania anglu laiskas. Advantages and disadvantages of tourism in lithuania. Advantages and disadvantages of tourism in lithuania essay.

Monologas tema "Holidays and Tourism"

I will tell you about holidays and tourism in Lithuania. Lithuania is a beautiful and interesting European country. Because of seasons changing and good geographical location, you can find a lot of interesting activity in Lithuania.

I think that Lithuania is a suitable place for holiday makers from abroad. First, Lithuania’s climate is different in every season, so everybody can find favorite activity in summer and winter. For example, in summer you can try canoeing, regatta, while in winter skiing, skating, bobsleigh sailing. Second, everybody can find preferred time spending. Lithuania has many resorts like Druskininkai, Nida, Birstonas, so those who like passive holiday can enjoy spa provided procedures. But those who prefer active holiday may choose among a variety of leisure and extreme activities such as participating in a motor safari, air soft, paintball, or carting competition.

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