Holidays in Lithuania rašinys

Holidays in Lithuania rašinys.

Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24th of December, one day before Christmas. In Lithuania during Christmas Eve people used to say goodbye to the old year and celebrate the upcoming New Year. Now it‘s known as the eve of the birth of Jesus. Christmas Eve is the day for family reunions, both their living and dead members. The most important part of Christmas Eve is Christmas Eve dinner. According to tradition there are supposed to be twelve dishes on the table during the dinner and everyone has to try each one of them. There has to be no meat, dairy, or hot food. Typical dishes include fish, herring, vegetables, poppy seed milk, cramberry pap, sauerkraut and more. After dinner all family members gather around the christmas tree or do something they like together as a whole family and wait for Christmas morning.

New Year‘s eve is the last day of the year, 31th of December.

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