Holidays on Moon with exercises

Comparisons for. Across the globe. Not too distant. True / false. Synonym match. Phrase match  . Mouthwatering comparisons distant decade bold previously collaboration thrill. Affordable lining explosion emergence spectacular futuristic bookings mainstream. Comprehension questions.

Holidays in space are perhaps (7) ________ Skyscanner's predictions. Its report says: "Orbital space travel will be the next hot ticket, and commercial companies are (8) _______ it a more affordable proposition." Indeed, Virgin Galactic and SpaceX are already accepting bookings. The (9) ______ the Virgin craft (round trip, of course) is $250,000. Skyscanner also predicts an explosion in the number of underwater hotel rooms, which (10) _______ mainstream travel option. Other things to look forward to include a supersonic (11) ________ London-Sydney in two hours and the emergence of "danger-zone" tourism. We can also (12) _______ in shopping.

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  • Holidays on Moon with exercises
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