Home remedies

Anglų namų darbas. Home remedies.

Today we have all kind of medicine for all diseases, But its very expensive. In the past, people used natural home remedies, and they were healthy, so why we cant learn from them and use much cheaper home remedies instead of medicine?

Ginger can help you to soothe an upset stomach. To improve digestion, try to eat ginger after any large meal. You will see, that ir realy works.

Also Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat the pain coused by arthritis. To treat the pain, apply warm ginger paste on the painfull area twice a day.

GInger is also very good for you, when you have a flu. Just chop a ginger, two lemons and mix it with half glass of honey. Then put 2 tsp of this mixture in to a cup and pour it with boiling water.

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