Hotel communication form

Survey. How often you visit hotel? A. Once in a year. B. Few times in a year. C. Few times in a month. D. One or more times in a week. How many stars hotels do you prefer to go? Do You often use additional services of hotel „Kaunas”? A. Once in a year. B. Few times in a year. C. Once in a month. D. Few times in a month. E. Every week. Do You always find a vacancy in hotel „Kaunas“? A. Yes,. B. No,. C. Not always. From what sources have you heard about hotel “Kaunas”? A. On internet, TV, Radio,. B. From newspaper, magazine,. C. In a Tourism center,. D. (Other) What is the reason of Your travel? A. Bussines,. B. Holidays,. C. Tourist, Cultural,. D. Recreation,. E. Studies. F. (Other) Mark the most important facts to decide for staying in a hotel.

How do You rate hotel “Kaunasprovided services? Write a number from 1 to 5. (1 – bad, 2 – so so, 3 –normal, 4 – good, 5 – really good)

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  • Hotel communication form
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