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Sleeping room rasinys. Anglu kalbos rašinys house and home. Anglų kalba house and home. Anglu topic house. My living room rasinys.

The topic of my story is „house and home“.

In the second part I‘ll focus in house inside . Inside there are just a few and necessary rooms. Walls are full of color. Every room is different. One is painted with striking color, other with blind. There is a huge aquarium in a living room in order to relax. The main thing in my house is the atmosphere. If the atmosphere in your house is unfriendly, no matter how many rooms and bedrooms you have, you want to be happy of living in this house.By the way , every floor has bathroom and toilet, which are spacious and modern. In the cellar you can find a little sauna and bathroom . On the ground floor there are a kitchen , living room, black room and bedroom . Living room is the place where I can relax after hard training , watch TV, listen music or just sit and look at the fireplace . The kitchen must be light and have all modern equipment such as huge fridge, microwave, modern over, and dishwasher . On the Second floor you can find my stunning and comfortable room, toilet, bathroom and small sport room .

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  • House and home anglų rašinys
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